Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Advantages of Thai Stem Massage

Thai herbal stem massage is a kind of hybrid treatment that makes use of Thai massage movements, Swedish relaxation massage, Lomi Lomi, and stretching methods. Spa products of Thailand are the main ingredients of Thai herbal stem massage. In this process, spa treatment is given by using therapeutic oils and healing herbs that are wrapped up in unbleached cotton tied to a stem. Since ancient times, these herbal stems have been used in Thailand as traditional massage tools. Thai people have been using a lot of medicinal herbal stems for treating different types of ailments.

Benefits of Thai Stem Massage:

This massage can easily be incorporated into the body wraps or facial treatment. It gives a completely different experience to the spa users. It is organic, natural, and contains no chemical or preservatives. It is different from other types of spa massages, as it combines comforting moist warmth with therapeutic oils and natural herbs bundled up in the stems. Taking this massage therapy on a regular basis will expose your body to less wear and tear.

Thai herbal stem massage offers many benefits. It specifically helps:
  •     Reducing joint pain
  •     Relieving muscle tension
  •     Relieving painful inflammation, such as arthritis
  •     Releasing toxins
  •     Increasing blood circulation
  •     Releasing blocked energy
  •     Nourishing and softening the skin
  •     Enhancing vitality and awareness
  •     Relaxing the nerves
  •     Soothing underlying connective tissues
  •     Rejuvenating body and mind
  •     Re-balancing the body

The use of traditional massage techniques in combination with spa products of Thailand offers quite a unique experience to the spa users. These stems are handmade in Thailand and are vacuum-packed that ensures their purity and freshness.

Used Ingredients:

These stems are made of unique spa products of Thailand. All the herbs used in these products are organically grown and produced in Thailand. The blend of herbs includes:
  •     Tamarind leaves
  •     Sweet Flag
  •     Kaffir Lime Peel and leaves
  •     Tumeric
  •     Plai
  •     Mountain Ebony leaves
  •     Lemongrass
  •     Jean leaves
  •     Somboil
  •     Camphor
  •     Eucalyptus

How It Works

The natural Thai spa products used in this treatment are heated, so that they release their healing properties. They are then massaged all over the body of the consumers. These oils and natural ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream via the epidermis and then respond to the chemistry of the body in a gentle way.

The stems are rolled on the skin and their gentle touch does most of the therapeutic work. For complete effect, the massages should be carried out for one and a half hour.


On the same person, each pair of stem can be used for maximum 4 times over a 2-week period. Consumers can also take these stems at home and apply on them. For more effectiveness and extended use, used stems can be kept in refrigerator. After taking this therapy, users should drink plenty of fluids like fresh juices or plain drinking water.

This massage therapy is the perfect adjunct to other different body treatments. It alone can also act as a captivating treatment for both the consumer and the therapist.

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Friday, 7 June 2013

How to Prepare for Thai Massage

Here are some of the things you need to weigh and do before taking on a Thai massage session:

Like any alternative or complementary medicine which are not scientifically proven and accepted by doctors all over the world, you should ask first the opinion of your doctor and what is to be expected or avoided from this therapeutic massage.

Researching regarding Thai massage therapy will also help a lot with your preparation as you will be able to have a good amount of knowledge regarding this massage style. A good place to start your research is by surfing the internet as it has tons of great information regarding the topic. You can also visit any local Thai massage spa or any kind of massage spa that offers this type of service. Ask all you want to know regarding Thai massage from its benefits, side effects, preparation, and many more.

In case you have set your mind to have it as a part of your regular alternative medical care, its time to look for the best massage spa in town. The price should not be your only concern when hunting for the ideal spa. Make sure that the massage therapists are licensed and experienced in this type of massage therapy.

Prepare your body by eating a light meal on the day of your scheduled massage therapy session. This will keep you comfortable during the session and will not leave you hungry afterward. A good practice to do is to drink plenty of water after the massage therapy session to help flush out the toxins out of your system.

When you are inside the room, make sure that you are comfortable and have a good coordination with your massage therapist. Never fight off the pressure applied by your masseuse as it can be destructive to your body. Unlike other massage therapy methods, this one need a good interaction between the patient and the massage therapist for a successful and satisfying massage session.